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We are a faith-based Christian learning center where children are LOVED! Preschool children learn through play and interaction with other children. We provide many opportunities for the children to learn about God's love and to explore the world He created. Our program lays the foundation for children to be happy and successful now and in their future school years through play-based learning centers. 

Children are guided through both child-initiated and teacher directed activities. The children enjoy many activities including story time, creative art, music, recess, alphabet, colors, numbers, and shapes. The CLC provides a Kindergarten readiness program and uses the Project WILD curriculum in exploring nature with young children along with State Standards and NAEYC Criteria. Children attend chapel & music on a weekly basis.  

The Children's Learning Center provides for your child and family:​

  • Small group sizes

  • Ready Bodies, Learning Minds

  • A staff that is certified in CPR and Pediatric First Aid

  • Weekly chapel

  • Family events throughout the year

  • Outdoor playground w/ bike path

  • STEM Programs

  • After school Amazing Athletes program

2018 Field Trip.JPG

A Typical Day

  • Our school is Christian-based

  • You may attend chapel on Tuesdays and hear the message everyday in their classrooms.

  • In their classrooms your child will have several opportunities to play in centers including: manipulatives, books and reading, dramatic play and dress-up, kitchen and housekeeping, cars, blocks, and other toys.

  • Circle time with their teachers where they will be introduced or review their shapes, colors, letters, numbers, days of the week and moths, and have a chance to share their feelings about their families.

  • Story Time is a time to share the love of books with your child.

  • Art time is where your child will put their creativity to use.

  • Our Special Time is our is when our children participate in the Enrichment Program, where they do special projects with our Enrichment teacher including: cooking, yoga, music, gardening, special art projects, movement, and visiting our new forest area.

  • Your child will have the opportunity to be outdoors as much as possible.

  • Lunch is our time to socialize. Families provide their child's lunch and drink daily. Our staff will help the children learn to open their lunches and clear their area after eating.


Students will need to bring their own lunch and drink.


The Children’s Learning Center teachers use a redirection and positive guidance approach with the children. Time out is not utilized in our facility; however the teacher may ask the child to step away from a situation in order to calm down or to think of a better way to approach the situation. A child is never asked to sit in a corner, on a time out chair, or to remain away from the group for any length of time. 

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